UX Strategy

Sometimes you need to get the functional footprint out the door to weather the competition. That's OK because you have a long term vision for your products or services.

I help these visions come true by putting together a long term UX strategy. One product at a time? Small incremental improvements across the suite of services? Let's find the right strategy together.

Design Guidelines

Maybe you have an amazing brand book and you just need to translate this into digital products and services.

I help extend the brand book into the human computer interaction world by ensuring your brand works well with how we humans perceive things. Accessibility, contrast ratio, typeface, ... you get the idea.

Team Support

A design is not a deliverable that is passed over a wall to developers. Experience shows that when you start turning it into a real thing, there is going to be issues big and small.

I support my development team by being available for on-demand consultation, whether it's a small layout changes or a drastic change in interaction.

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