Mockups, Flow, Personality

I quickly put together a user flow chart and lo-fi mockups based on information available to facilitate a quick feedback session with stakeholders.

When the direction of the design is sound, I put together a set of hi-fi mockups to give it personality - this is where look and feel begins to take shape.

Interactions and Experience

The user experience is better simulated by stringing the hi-fi mockups together into an interactive mockup. This is where transitions and animations begin to take shape.

I collaborate with the team to identify any hiccups in workflows, making sure that the design is feasible with the frameworks and libraries being considered.

UI Specifications

When the kinks in the workflows are worked out, it's time to put some specifications around them.

I put together a set of UI specifications based on the UI framework or library of choice. Whether it's an exact layout based on grid systems or a whole new set of design standard, I work closely with developers to produce user experiences that are valuable, usable, and feasible.

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