What I Do

I am a user experience designer based in beautiful Victoria, BC.

I help people design experiences for their products or services by putting users first. That means I ask the basic W5H questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How) about the users and put the findings into things like user journey maps, user stories, information architecture, and mockups.

Working with Others

I work with product managers and stakeholders as well as developers and testers to make sure that the user experience vision is not lost in translation along the way.

I test my designs with users as early and frequently as possible to evolve it into something usable, valuable, and feasible.

Past Works

Ten years experience in product and user experience design for an aircraft maintenance management software company.

Unfortunately, my all work thus far is under NDA - the products and services I helped design are in use at major airlines such as Air France, KLM, China Airline, Icelandair, Netjets, and Southwest.

I'm also a photographer; owned and operated a photography business for five years. All photos you see here are taken by yours truly.

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